Amazing Experience

“I had an amazing experience working with Dr. Eli Kantor and his son Jonathan Kantor. They were very professional and helpful through the entire process. Always friendly and patient. I would highly recommend their services.”

Posted by Alex November 2021

They are the best immigration/business attorneys in California

“Why risking your life by clinging to the cover of the landing gear or jumping on top of an airplane ?? heading to America when you can just simply make a phone call to the law office of Eli Kantor?

Dr. Eli Kantor has 45 years? experience in immigration, business, and international investments laws. For the last 10 years he has been helping us applying for different types of visas, changing the status from one type of visa to another until we finally got our US citizenship. The immigration path that he prepared for us 10 years ago was legally perfect and with the help of his son attorney Jonathan Kantor they have been working on all our complicated application, lengthy paperwork, lots of required documents etc… without any single error. All our applications they submitted to immigration went through perfectly from the 1st time, simply because they are the best immigration/business attorneys in California, and Dr. Eli Kantor deserves the recognition he got as a “Super Lawyer”. Thank you Eli and Jonathan for the job well done.

8 Years ago:

As an Int?l investor, I was lucky to be introduced to Dr. Eli Kantor who in a very short period of time managed to create and register my 1st company in California and got me, and my family an Investor visa.

Dr. Eli Kantor is a professional experienced attorney. His wide knowledge in both business and immigration laws saved me working with two different attorneys.

He was always available to answer either my calls or emails even during the weekends. When he was busy, he was returning my calls in a very short period of time.

So, if you are looking for a (2in1) attorney, you have no choice but to come to the ‘Law Office of Eli M. Kantor’.”

Posted by Ibrhaim September 2021


Thank You, Dr. Eli Kantor, For Helping Me All These Years

“Thank you, Dr. Eli Kantor, for helping me all these years to become a US citizen, and many thanks to your son Jonathan Kantor, the young immigration attorney for coming with me to the interview, he was knowledgeable, very helpful, friendly, patient and very professional (like father, like son 🙂 ).”

Posted by Kate September 2021

Thank you, sir, for your role in my family’s future.

Paper after paper, form after form, my wife and I were getting assailed from every angle with documents, ranging from A to Z, and numbers, 1 to infinity. The laws and procedures seemed innumerable, and each new webpage and re-directed hyperlink at uscis.gov only frustrated me more. I just wanted my wife’s immigration to go smoothly; I just wanted to start a family with the woman I love.

“Oh, this seems fairly direct,” said Mr. Kantor, “We can get this done for you.”

After a phone call and one consultation later, we had a plan. That was it – Simple.

Mr. Eli Kantor and his son, Jonathan, took our case seriously, and with kind-hearted, yet professional clarity, they outlined the strategy, the timetable, and everything required. Eli prepared us for our interview and persistently worked our paperwork through the government, and Jonathan escorted us to the offices on the Big Day, keeping our minds at ease and taking care of all clerical impediments. With them helping us, what had seemed like a ridiculous, serpentine road resolved to a straight, easily walked path.

Seriously, Eli and Jonathan even predicted with 100% accuracy what the interviewers would ask. They know their business.

Months, years after the fact, Eli and Jonathan are still working for and checking on us, even reminding us of deadlines and the differing acceptable kinds of documentation which the government would request; every step has been smooth, and we are racing towards naturalization! When you work with Kantor Law, that is the service you are providing for yourself: You are working with expert, caring attorneys who want nothing more than your success.
We waited too long to contact Mr. Eli Kantor, and I hope you will not repeat our mistake.

Thank you, sir, for your role in my family’s future.

Posted by Clayton, July 2021

Look no further if you are seeking a great legal team!

It’s always a pleasure dealing with Eli and Jonathan Kantor. I value their experience, intelligence and creative thinking. Look no further if you are seeking a great legal team!

Posted May 2021

I recommend working with Eli Kantor

My employer hired attorney Eli Kantor to process my Green Card. He did a great job and I can now sleep at night. I recently contacted his office about something unrelated to their usual immigration business and his son, Jonathan Kantor, was very helpful. His response time and professionalism was on point. I recommend working with Eli Kantor.

Posted May 2021

If you could have just one attorney on your team, hire Attorney Eli Kantor

If you could have just one attorney on your team, hire Attorney Eli Kantor. Mr. Kantor is a true lawyer’s lawyer. He is most knowledgeable, and will help obtain the results you need. He does not understand the word, “can’t or no” and will help obtain the legal result you are looking for (within legal bounds). He also won’t nickel and dime, and his retainer fee is very reasonable for what he can accomplish. Thanks Mr. Kantor!

Posted May 2021

We appreciate all his help

Eli has been nothing but kind and helpful to our situation. We appreciate all his help especially during this time. Thank you for all your knowledge.

Posted by Jenn, April 2021

Excellent job

I was originally recommended by my father and I am extremely pleased with Eli Kantor & his team. They were extremely professional. As soon as they received an update they called me immediately. Eli walked me through the process & made sure we were well prepared and the outcome was a success! Excellent job.

Posted by Nick, March 2021

Responsive and Very Generous

Eli and his team, Jonathan and Maria, have been instrumental in navigating the immigration system throughout 2020. They were always responsive and were very generous with their time in explaining the process. Working with Eli and Jonathan was particularly helpful as the immigration process experienced sudden changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I particularly appreciated their reliable communication through multiple means–mail, phone, and email.
Posted by Heeju February 2021

I have had a fantastic experience.

I have had a fantastic experience with Eli Kantor Law Offices. Both Eli and Jonathan were very helpful and informative. They were with us through the whole process and were very thorough throughout the whole process. We would HIGHLY recommend them for any immigration services.
Posted October 2020


I was referred to Mr. Kantor’s law firm by a dear friend and I’m beyond grateful for that. Both Eli and Jonathan Kantor were great help in taking in my case, which required extra attention and care. Everything went very smoothly, and every question and concern I may have had were answered and resolved promptly. Mr. Kantor’s assistant, Isabel, informed me with developments and sent me reminders for coming appointments regularly. Overall, they were very professional, always taking an extra step for me, and they were genuinely kind. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs naturalization assistance or representation in a caring and family like environment. I’d give 7 stars if there was an option.
Yael J


I am pema lama Mr. Eli M Kantor Law Offices help me to get my green card to all the way to the United States Citizenship. Their office do good services, Professional, Responsive, Jonathan company me to uscis for my interview. I recommend to people who need Immigration Services. thank you
Posted September 2020


I’ve used Eli M Kantor’s Law Offices to assist me with my naturalization application. Eli and Jonathan Kantor were professional, knowledgeable and knew how to navigate every part of this process in the best way. They did a phenomenal job collecting all the necessary documents and handling this complicated process in a professional and timely manner. I could not have asked for better representation. I highly recommend!
Posted by Adam 2/2020


I could not be more happy with my experience. The personal touches and service I received from both Eli and Jonathan were top notch. They walked me through the process and were with me every step of the way. I entered my meeting confident with Jonathan by my side. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing immigration law.
Posted by Gino 4/22/2019


Both Eli and Jonathan are extremely knowledgeable and on top of it. Can’t recommend them enough!

Posted by Rebecca 4/16/2019


I highly recommend Eli Kantor and his law office. From the initial consultation to the final approval of my application, Mr. Kantor exhibited thorough knowledge of the Immigration Law. He prepared the documents meticulously and offered sound accurate advice on how to prepare for the immigration interview. His knowledge of the law invited trust and his professionalism sustained that trust. His firm was also prompt in responding to all my questions.

Posted by Mo Li 11/30/18


Eli Kantor has helped my family through generations, starting with my mom, with our immigration process. He and his son, Jonathan, are so supportive, helpful, efficient and very professional. They made the entire process go so smoothly with their advice and helpfulness. I highly recommend him.

Posted by Ana 06/25/2018


Eli Kantor was by far the best lawyer I know. I am an executive at an entertainment production company. After researching, interviewing and meeting with several lawyers to assist me apply for my Green card, Eli Kantor stood out to me. He’s responsible, very detailed and organized, prepared my case with care and recommendations. I got the Green card approved in no time. Thanks to Eli, I highly recommend anyone looking for immigration visa to go to him.

Posted by Christie 11/27/2017


I had a very tricky past and in the most professional way Mr Kantor took it all in stride and dealt with it accordingly. He’s fantastic.

Posted by Tobias 11/26/2017


Eli helped walk us through our first successful H1B filing with patience and professionalism. Thanks Eli!

Posted by Jason 11/25/2017


I am the General Counsel of an entertainment company, who was referred to Eli by one of the outside law firms I retain. The visa was for one of our key overseas employees who we needed to bring to the US. Eli promptly answered all of my questions and diligently followed up with Immigration and the State Department. Eli was able to obtain a work visa for our employee in a very complex case. Eli is a true professional who knows Immigration Law inside and out. I highly recommend him.

Posted by Annie 11/2016


Eli Kantor was our lawyer to help my husband get a green card. We followed his instructions to the tee. Sure enough everything worked out perfectly. We are so thankful we had him to guide us every step of the way through this tricky process.

Posted by Jillian 11/2016


Mr. Kantor was very clear, thorough and detail oriented and my husband and I highly recommend Mr. Kantor as an Immigration lawyer. He helped to demystify the green card process and get my husband’s green card.

Posted by Marchand 12/2015


A friend who had used Eli’s services had recommended him. And I am so lucky that he did. From start to finish, Eli was on top of it all and I received my green card within 8 months of starting the process.

Posted by Jay, 02/2016


After dealing with other attorneys, I’m so glad that I came to Eli Kantor. His experience and professionalism are amazing. I highly recommend Mr. Kantor for Immigration issues.

Posted by J Londono 06/2015


Thank you so much Eli, you made my green card process very smooth. Immigration law scares me but you handled everything wonderfully and I am so grateful. I highly recommend your services! Thanks again.

Posted by Alice 02/2015


Attorney Kantor is a very excellent attorney. I appreciated his skill and service he provided for Lama Pema We were very fortunate to have him as an immigration attorney, he got the job done! I recommend him highly in all areas of immigration, he is the best! He maintained a very professional profile and at the same time he was able to successfully fulfill what was needed for Lama Pema’s green card. He attended the final interview with his client at Immigration. That was very impressive and the client felt very confident inside the interview. If you are fortunate to have him as an attorney, you will be fortunate to have such an excellent attorney to represent you. He gets the job Done!

Posted by Mataji 01/2015


I worked with Mr Kantor on an application for a green card. It was my first attempt. The application was accepted after some complementary informations were asked and we are now waiting for the paperwork. From the moment my wife and I met with Mr Kantor and every step of the way it was a pleasure working with him. Needless to say I am pleased with the results. A true gentleman.

Posted by Serge 12/2014


If, like me, the idea of immigration law scares you then Eli Kantor will put all fears to rest. Eli approached my specific case with a huge amount of patience (I would check in weekly for updates and the immigration service had several stumbling blocks we needed to overcome) and effort. I was on the cusp of what was achievable for the type of visa I required and Eli put 110% effort into my documentation and submission making a case that ended up being approved for a green card. I honestly owe the results of the process to Eli and I cannot thank him enough.

Very personable and a pleasure to deal with. Eli Kantor was in a word – amazing!!

Posted by Stephanie 03/2014


My wife’s application for an immigration visa was approved by the visa center in the U.S. back in July of 2011, in December of that year she went to the U.S. consulate in Lebanon to get the visa,and that’s when they told her that her application would have to undergo an administrative processing which should take up to 10 Weeks. since Dec. 2011 till Jan. 2014 her application was still being held by the consulate with no help whatsoever,even though the other two lawyers that I had hired prior to Mr. Eli Kantor tried resolving that issue,but it gave no result. That’s when I contacted Mr. Eli Kantor in Jan. of 2014,and he advised me to go through with filing a writ of mandamus, which is a lawsuit against the State Department .With his persistence, by the end of March, 2014 my wife had her visa,and she came to the U.S. on April 7th 2014.

Based on my experience with Mr. Eli Kantor, i highly recommend him in handling these type of cases,also I’ve heard that he is as good in handling employment cases as well.

Posted by Samir, 02/2014


Many years ago when an attorney that I trusted mishandled my immigration case, I started the uphill battle of looking for an outstanding lawyer whom I could trust and respect. I interviewed different immigration attorneys for six months and chose Eli Kantor. I am certain that I have found more than what I wished in Eli Kantor. Eli is not only smart and extremely knowledgeable in immigration law, he is also ethical and wise and always calm and collected, making the best decisions for his clients. I have no doubt that, without an attorney like him, my case would not have been resolved or would have been further mishandled. He is an extraordinary attorney with many great qualities. He has always been easy to reach and I always could be sure that my employer or sponsor would get the best advice from him that would protect my rights. If it were not for his immense knowledge and intelligent, careful, step by step planning and guidance, I would not be able to stay in the country of my choice, the United States of America. I finally got my wish and my permanent residency because I chose Eli Kantor.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of resolving immigration issues, without reservation or hesitation.

Posted by Fariba, 08-04-2010


I have the privilege to report the ethical, sharp and thorough work of Mr. Eli Kantor ESQ. In recent times, he did provide legal counsel to a member of my family in dealing with a sensitive and complex situation. This Multicultural, Multilingual Gentleman and fellow Toastmaster is an excellent professional option, to help persons and organizations in need of advice about labor and immigration legal matters. He offers a comprehensive set of services, including the efficient keeping of the client’s data, available at any time.

Posted by Jon, 01/12


We have had the pleasure of working with Eli for a decade on various immigration and HR issues. Eli’s invaluable advice has been instrumental in allowing our technology company to recruit and retain top talent.
Eli has been helpful in issues ranging from work visas to helping us structure critical HR policies. Eli’s great gift as an attorney is his ability to be a creative problem solver.
Eli is an entrepreneur’s secret weapon!

Posted by Dan H, 10/2012


I was searching for an immigration attorney in Beverly Hills and found Eli via Google. I found him to be professional, personable, and knowledgeable and he guided my wife and I through the complicated process of getting a U.S business visa – for which we were successful first time. I have since recommended friends use him for their own visa applications and will use him without question in the future.

Posted by Marty 10/2012


I first used this Law Firm in 2009 having Googled for a Beverly Hills Lawyer. The service is second to none, and the rates are reasonable and most importantly predictable. I have used them three times and they achieved my goals without fuss.I dealt with Eli himself,. He is very calm, knowledgeable, and gets the job done.

Posted by David, 10/2012


I speak from experience spanning many, many years of patiently waiting for that holy grail — the green card, then US citizenship. The game of navigating the complexities of immigration law in US is the toughest game there is. A minefield of nasty surprises, bureaucratic twists and turns, a terrain that is always changing, a place that can break you down. You don’t want to work with someone half-baked, hoping to save some money on lower fees and get to the finish line and actually win. Trust me – you DON’T want that.

Eli is the very best there is – plain and simple. I witnessed it firsthand, after dealing with two attorneys who simply didn’t have what it takes. Sometimes it is one strategic move that can make or break the case. You make the right one, you win. You make the wrong one, you lose. Years of waiting can go to waste in an instant. You want to work with someone that understands the battlefield like a seasoned warrior.

Eli saved my case from being almost lost, and looking back, boy, am I glad I chose him to represent me. Mine is a happy ending – today, I am a proud US Citizen, and my immigration battles are over.

You want an immigration lawyer that will get it done right? You want to sleep well at nite while the wheels are turning? Don’t compromise on quality. Work with Eli.

Posted by Rad, 11/2012


Mr. Kantor has worked on my transfer from Europe first handling my H1B Visa application then finalized the Green Card request with a follow through until obtained. Eli has always been verey professional in his dealings, kept me informed on progress at all times, addressed and resolved some delays with my application hence I can only recommend him and his office for the thorough job done in handling my case. A good job indeed and, as always, results speak louder than words!

Posted by Luigi 11/2012


Eli and his staff have been amazingly efficient in getting my O1 visa. 2 weeks after filing papers I had my work permit on my desk!!

Thank you so much!

Posted by Assistant Director for Godzilla Luc Etienne 03/2013


It is everyone’s dream to obtain a permanent status to be able to live and work legally in the United States however, fulfillment of such dream requires obtaining very competent and knowledgeable immigration lawyer for representation. There is no doubt that the job was well done and I am so thankful that I retained the services of the Law Offices of Atty. Eli Kantor, top caliber immigration lawyer in California. Atty Kantor and the rest of his staff did a tremendous job, even providing a source of comfort by contacting me to let me know every single step of the process . I thought I would be hopeless as I was almost running out of time but with the help of Atty Kantor I was able to obtain my greencard much faster than the regular process. Atty. Kantor was with me every single step of the way giving me assurance that everything was filed correctly and on time and even asking for more documentation as an evidence to support my case. I would highly recommend Atty. Kantor to anyone as he and the rest of his staff are very dedicated, supportive , friendly and most all very accomodating to provide all answers to your legal immigration matters. Look no further as you can rely on Mr. Kantor as a key source.

Posted by Jocelyne Alejon, 10-19-2009


Eli worked on my labor certification case to obtain a permanent residency in the US, and we won. He navigated all the complexity of the case with flying colors, and his knowledge of the immigration law was encyclopedic. He is great to work with – he’d give you the unvarnished truth of the situation at hand and devise a clear strategy to reach a goal. He is the best of the best, and when it comes to winning an immigration case, you would not want to settle for anything less.

Posted by a Immigration Client, 08-24-2009


Eli is a top-notch expert in immigration law who helped to win a critical and complex case which resulted in obtaining a legal US residency for me. He is the best of the best, and I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Posted by Rad, 8/2009


We would definitely recommend Eli Kantor – we used his immigration services to assist us in obtaining our Green Cards. His staff were very professional and responsive, and ensured that all of our needs were addressed effectively and efficiently.

Posted by Immigration Client, 07-21-2009


I work in the entertainment industry and Mr. Kantor has helped me recently with my O1 work visas, making sure they are submitted and processed effectively and efficiently. He is very personable and in light of the often stressful experience of preparing a submission and then waiting for approval, he makes the whole experience not only tolerable but even pleasant!
I have highly recommended him to my friends requiring expert immigration law advice and Mr. Kantor and I are now working together on my Green Card application.

Mr. Kantor is the only lawyer I trust with this very important step in my life.

Posted by: Fiona, 04-14-2008

These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

“Eli Kantor (and his entire office) is among the best lawyers I have worked with. He was fast, reliable, and diligent... not only was he available to me when I called him but he would even make sure to call me and keep me in the loop regarding my case. All in all, I appreciated his honesty and hard work and would highly recommend Eli Kantor!”

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“Eli Kantor (and his entire office) is among the best lawyers I have worked with. He was fast, reliable, and diligent... not only was he available to me when I called him but he would even make sure to call me and keep me in the loop regarding my case. All in all, I appreciated his honesty and hard work and would highly recommend Eli Kantor!”

“Brilliant Law Team. Eli Kantor came highly recommended and surely lived up to his reputation. He worked with me on my Green Card Application and his son, Jonathan Kantor worked on my Citizenship Application. Eli Kantor is an amazing professional, who truly knows immigration law inside and out. His knowledge, attentiveness, and understanding the matter gave me all confidence and trust. Eli Kantor and Jonathan Kantor delivered an excellent service, attention to detail, and zealous. In a very calm way they were guided me through all processes and appointments. All the communication and The Law Offices of Eli M. Kantor service which I have received was a top notch. Highly recommended!”

“I could not be more happy with my experience. The personal touches and service I received from both Eli and Jonathan were top notch. They walked me through the process and were with me every step of the way. I entered my meeting confident with Jonathan by my side. I would hands down recommend them to any one needed immigration law.”

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